Things to Watch

October 2015

(L-R) Emily Gale, Alice Pung, Will Kostakis, John Marsden

The Wheeler Centre invited me to chair a panel about Young Adult Fiction. If you click the link below you can watch John Marsden (CheckersWinter and the Tomorrow series), Will Kostakis (The First Third) and Alice Pung (Laurinda) speak about stories exploring the universal – and often peculiar, embarrassing, and remarkable – experiences of growing up.

To watch it, click here: Growing Pains: Write of Passage 

July 2014

(L-R) Michael Cathcart, Tony Wilson, Louise Swinn, Emily Gale.

The Wheeler Centre celebrated Melbourne Rare Book Week with an alternative approach – they asked three readers which books they wished were rare, and it was a great opportunity to vent about popular books that we never liked or are sick of hearing about. I joined author Tony Wilson and publisher Louise Swinn for the radio broadcast, with a studio audience at Library at The Dock, and we were chaired by Michael Cathcart.

To watch it, click here: Books I Wish Were Rare

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