January 2, 2019 5:05 pm

2019 Appearances

I’ll keep this post updates as new appearance dates are confirmed. In the meantime, here are the speaking gigs I’ll be doing in 2019:


March 15th, 10am: Session at Speculate, the Victorian Speculative Writers Festival (Melbourne), where I’ll be talking about one of my favourite topics, something that was hugely influential to The Other Side of Summer – time-slips. For more about Speculate, check out their website.


March 26th, 6.30pm: a talk at Ringwood Library, Melbourne, about my career in publishing as an editor, reader for a literary agency, bookseller, and writer. Please click here to book.


April 15th, 10am-1pm: Writing Masterclass for 10-13 year olds with Nova Weetman to be held at The Little Bookroom, Melbourne. Please click here to book.


April 30th: school visit.


June 6th, school visit all day: I’m taking part in the Carey Literature Festival. Last year members of the public were invited to two key events at this festival, so keep an eye out if you have teenagers and live in Melbourne. The Carey librarians put so much thought and effort into the festival each year.




Testimonial from Jacquie Kilkenny, Children’s and Youth Services Librarian, Boroondara Libraries:

“Emily kept a group of 25  children enthralled, amused and engaged from beginning to end. It was a fast-paced, fun and productive session full of Emily’s humour and insights.”


Testimonial from Stephen Karabatsos, Teacher Librarian at St. Michael’s Grammar School:

“We were fortunate to have Emily present to our entire Year 7 cohort for Australian Book Week. We wanted an author that could deliver an informative and entertaining program on young adult literature and also explain the challenges and rewards of being an author. Emily’s presentation was visually stimulating and she continually interacted with the students. She set the scene early by explaining that she welcomed questions and this made the students feel part of the presentation.  Our English staff were also quite impressed with Emily and also requested if they could use some of her writing strategies.  It was refreshing to see an author engage with such a large audience and needlesss to say our students left with quite an impression. Overall it was a positive, professional and engaging presentation and we highly recommend Emily for any literary promotion or event you may be considering.”