The Eliza Boom Diaries – Book 1: My Explosive Adventure
Age 5+

The Eliza Boom Diaries – Book 1: My Explosive Adventure

"With silliness and mayhem, doodles and disasters, this book is perfect for engaging younger readers"

Fetch magazine

"A feisty new heroine for younger readers in her first outing... an engaging story that will have children chuckling"

Parents in Touch


Winner, Great Lakes Great Books Award in Michigan.


Eliza Boom is having a blast. Her father is an inventor who makes gadgets for spies, and Eliza is his unofficial assistant…very unofficial.

Eliza knows if she can just build that one indispensable thing that every secret agent needs, she can be a full-fledged spy herself, but somehow her inventions keep going wrong. Still, with her best friend (well, dog), Einstein, she’s not going to give up.

When Eliza’s father loses a top-secret roll of film, Eliza realizes that she might have accidentally given it to class bully Zoe Wakefield, the Queen of Mean. Eliza’s got to retrieve the film, which Zoe is using as a hair bow, before enemy spies get to it. Luckily she’s got Einstein as well as her own brand-new assistant (and friend), Amy, to help her.

Can these three would-be 007s get the film, stop the spies, and get revenge on the class bully? There’s only one way to find out—and that’s to read Eliza’s diary!

Eliza Boom is illustrated by Joelle Dreidemy.



Things to do at Eliza’s website

For colouring-in pages, a quiz, and instructions for making your own SpyScope visit:

Watch ‘The Day We Made Superlegs’ on YouTube (Eliza makes Superlegs in Book 2).

Write your own diary. It can be the real things that happen in your day or it can be completely made up. Eliza names her diary Edison – what will you name yours?


  • Great Lakes Great Books Award in Michigan, voted for by students in the 2nd and 3rd grade.

"A funny, inventive story which is ideal for newly independent readers"

The Bookette