The challenge for Jin with my website was that my published books don’t have a cohesive look or category.

I needed a website that suited my Junior Fiction as much as my YA Fiction. It became clear to me that Jin spends time researching each client when he sent me a small list of designs to consider. While they all appealed, one stood out to me as being just the right balance of colour, playfulness and simplicity. Jin knew that each of my books would look good against the background of the Mila design.

From then on, Jin was able to organise the existing content from my old website and transform it into two very professional-looking websites. Not only that, but he did it incredibly quickly for me, knowing that I had a deadline of my own with a new book coming out.

Jin is highly professional, easy-going and conscientious and I’d recommend working with him if – like me – you have a vague idea of what you want but aren’t quite sure how to get there.

Emily Gale

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